Scene from Goodbye Mr Chips


Here’s a bitter truth for educators. Inside every good teacher is a bad teacher trying to get out. As time goes by we become hardened and embittered . We drift away from contemporary concerns. Our war stories lose relevance and therefore value. Increasingly we become caricatures of our former selves.


I’ve been a big fan of Property Based Testing for a number of years, based on my experiences with ScalaCheck. It’s always been an annoyance that Kotlin did not support this testing style, at least to the same extent. …


Like many developers I struggle to keep up with current developments in our industry. I have a physical ‘shelf of shame’ where books go to die, plus extensive lists on platforms like Medium, YouTube and Vimeo. …


Another business year just ended at Instil, plus the calendar year is racing past. So I’m reflecting on another 12 months of virtual-only training.

The big picture is great. Bookings are up. Feedback is great. As an industry we have embraced remote training in the same way we adopted distributed…

Garth Gilmour

Helping developers develop software better. Coding for 30 years, teaching for 20. Google Developer Expert. Trainer at Instil. Also martial arts and philosophy.

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