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  • Craig Mccarter

    Craig Mccarter

  • Uberto Barbini

    Uberto Barbini

    JVM and Kotlin independent consultant. Passionate about Code Quality and Functional Programming. Author, public speaker and OpenSource contributor.

  • Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas

    Programmer. Writer (Pragmatic Programmer, Programming Ruby, Agile Web Development w/ Rails, Programming Elixir). Manifesto for Agile S/W Development. Speaker

  • Aleksandra Krzemień

    Aleksandra Krzemień

    Android Developer @ Angry Nerds

  • Peter Pito

    Peter Pito

    Agile practitioner and software developer at heart. Husband, father and rookie triathlete. I try to be the best version of myself, as often as I can.

  • Adele Carpenter

    Adele Carpenter

    Thinker. Speaker. Software Engineer. Feminist. Human.

  • David Denton

    David Denton

    Engineering Lead // Open Source // Trainer // Speaker // Kotlin GDE // Co-creator of http4k

  • Jason Bell

    Jason Bell

    Author of Machine Learning: Hands on for Devs/TechProfs for Wiley and Conference Speaker. Working in AI, Kafka, BigData and Machine Learning.

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